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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just in Case You Missed Anything Vol. 20

Lots of new music is on the way over the next 2 months:

Blue Light 7" - The next entry in the Paxam Singles Series has been announced and is being released on March 31st. "Blue Light"  has been played quite a few times on tour recently. The single will also feature 2 b-sides: "On My Life" which is taken from the unreleased Alien USA sessions and "I Lost My Mind". To read more about the release and pre-order it, GO HERE.

Come Pick Me Up 7" - This single is being released for Record Store Day and is supposed to be a precursor to the upcoming deluxe reissue of Heartbreaker. "Come Pick Me Up" is an alternate unreleased version of the song, while the b-side "Rope Gets Tight" is an early version of "Don't Fail Me Now" (Jacksonville City Nights).

Live at Carnegie Hall - A new 6 LP set that features the complete shows from November 15th and 17th of last year. These were one of a kind solo shows with very different setlists each night. Ryan tackled plenty of rarely played gems, songs from his latest album, and a couple unreleased tunes from the unreleased Glyn Johns sessions. The set is available for purchase HERE.

Heartbreaker Reissue - Although there aren't many details yet, Heartbreaker is being reissued on CD and vinyl. Currently the scheduled release date is April 21st. It should feature at least a couple bonus tracks, however no track listing info has been released yet. It's available for pre-order at CD Universe, and Amazon (CD, LP).

In other Ryan Adams related news:

- Mike Viola recently did an interview for the Spanish media site - Binaural. During the interview, he gives several updates about the band, his upcoming projects, talks about how he met Ryan, and some info on his background as a songwriter. A few more interesting tidbits include:
  • After this tour, he plans to go in the studio and produce a new album for Dan Wilson of Semisonic.
  • Ryan Adams and the Shining have recorded over 60 songs for the next album!
  • He also said that it was more than likely that they would re-record some of the leftover tunes from the unreleased Alien USA sessions.  (To read the entire interview, GO HERE. By the way, it's all in Spanish, but you should have an option on your web browser to translate it. If not, let me know and I'll post it on the blog.) 
- Ryan Adams was also interviewed recently for the Tom Dunne Show on Newstalk Radio in Ireland. It's worth a listen! Ryan gives more info about: the breakup of the Cardinals, the formation of the Shining, Jenny Lewis, Menniere's Disease, and talks about the recording of Ashes and Fire, and Ryan Adams. Check it out HERE.

- Old Cardinals guitarist Neal Casal sat down with jambands.com recently, and talked briefly about how he met Ryan and what it was like playing in a band with him. Read it HERE.

- Photographer Dave Mcclister is selling autographed prints of photos from the Heartbreaker sessions HERE. There are quite a few cool ones that wren't in the original album liner notes.

And finally, I'll leave you with a few must-see videos:

Ryan Adams and Natalie Prass covering the Dirty Dancing hit "She's Like the Wind" in Cork.

Ryan Adams and the Shining playing their next 7" single "Blue Light" in Brighton.

Just for laughs, listen to this strange guy try to explain the occult symbolism found in the music video for "New York New York".

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