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Sunday, April 19, 2015

European Tour Wrap-Up (2/19-3/13/15)

Ryan Adams and the Shining returned overseas for another acclaimed tour in February and March. The band played 15 shows in 22 days, 39 different songs, and continued to get better and better as the tour went on. For the most part, the setlists were fairly similar every night, however there were quite a few unexpected moments. "Lucky Now" was dropped from the set after being a staple of the last leg, and "Two" was brought back in for the first time since last summer. There were also plenty of new cover songs such as "She's Like the Wind" from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Ryan continued his nightly ritual of coming up with a new improv tune at almost every show. Another new addition was a staged sword fight/interlude between Mike Viola and Ryan (see picture above).

Singer-songwriter - Natalie Prass opened up most of the shows and would usually be joined by Ryan Adams and Daniel Clarke. Natalie and Ryan seemed to be big fans of each other's work. Usually Natalie would join the band on backing vocals for "Oh My Sweet Carolina" and/or "Come Pick Me Up". While Ryan Adams and the Shining would do their own renditions of her songs - "My Baby Don't Understand Me" or "Your Fool".

One very memorable show for the ages came in Copenhagen on March 9th. Natalie Prass had accidentally missed her flight and was unable to play her show; so Ryan put on a dress, and played an opening acoustic set of her songs, billed as "Natalie Sass".

Other than Copenhagen, the show in Cork on March 3rd was another surprising gig. After Ryan had started to lose his voice, he treated the crowd to a solo acoustic set of rarely played tunes like "Let Go" (first since September), "Run to You" (Bryan Adams cover), "Friends", and the debut of "She's Like the Wind" (Patrick Swayze penned song from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack).

On the final night of the tour in Oslo, the band played a death metal version of "16 Days" , a song that hadn't been played live since 2012.


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