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Monday, June 8, 2015

Just in Case You Missed Anything Vol. 21

First new music updates.....

Tomorrow (June 9th) - Ryan's new live album Live at Carnegie Hall will be available at all fine record stores and online outlets. This is a condensed 10 track version of the 6 LP box set that recently came out. Available for purchase at Pax-AmAmoeba Records, and Waterloo Records.

On June 23rd, yet another new Ryan Adams 7" single is being released. Burn in the Night is available for pre-order now at Pax-Am Records, and eventually through iTunes and your favorite record stores. According to the description, it features 2 b-sides: "Cop City" (which is a leftover from the Alien USA sessions) and "Look in the Mirror" (1984 iTunes-exclusive bonus track).

The Come Pick Me Up/When the Rope Gets Tight single that was released for Record Store Day is now available for download on iTunes. These songs are expected to be on the deluxe version of Heartbreaker later this year.

On April 28th, Ryan put out a new 7" single titled I Do Not Feel Like Being Good. Although it's currently sold out at Pax-Am, you can still find it for relatively cheap through other outlets. It's also available for download on iTunes. These are definitely worth checking out, as 2 of the tracks were re-recorded for the unreleased Glyn Johns Album Sessions in 2013. Alternate versions of the title track and b-side - "How Much Light" are also available on the new Live at Carnegie Hall album.

Another 7" single called Willow Lane was briefly available for pre-order through the Dutch site - Velvet Music, but has since been taken down. The single includes 2 b-sides ("Yes or Run" and "Red Hot Blues") and should be officially released within the next couple months. So keep an eye out!

And finally, Pax-Am has started to release new music from other artists as well, and they're all quality releases well worth your time. Here are the 3 available right now:

Daniel Clarke - Diamonds 7" Single - Smooth, baby-making, r&b jams from the keyboard player in the Shining

Mike Viola - Stairway to Paradise 7 " EP - 4 songs of perfect power-pop and 70's California song-craft from the lead guitarist in the Shining. (think Big Star with a hint of Jackson Browne)

Phoebe Bridgers - Killer 7" Single - Stripped down, super raw, heart-wrenching folk tunes.

Other big news....

- The long-running PBS show - Austin City Limits will be airing a new episode featuring Ryan Adams sometime this Fall. Back in October of last year, Ryan and the Shining performed an epic 28 song, half-electric, half-acoustic set for their taping. But only a small handful of songs from the electric set were aired on the program. This upcoming episode will feature songs from the solo acoustic portion of the show.

- Chris Stamey (an excellent producer and founding member of The dBs) just released a great new solo album called Euphoria that is the next best thing to a new dBs record. It features guest appearances from members of Wilco, Teenage Fanclub, and a great opening track written by Ryan Adams called "Universe-Sized Arms". Check it out HERE.

- The new film Danny Collins is in theaters now and features 2 songs with Ryan Adams writing credit. The film stars Al Pacino as an aging rocker, and has been getting great reviews (78% on Rotten Tomatoes). Unfortunately there are no plans to release the soundtrack, so you've just gotta see the movie! One of the songs is titled "Don't Look Down" and is a ballad sung by Al Pacino in the closing moments of the film. The other is a slow acoustic number called "Mary" that can be heard playing in the background during the opening scene. For more info GO HERE.

- According to an interview with Jon Williams on the Zone 91.3 (Victoria, BC), Ryan Adams and the Shining have finished recording their next album!!!!..... Also this interview is definitely worth checking out. Some of the topics include the new Live at Carnegie Hall album, Ed Sheeran, his grandparents, and his earliest memories of going to shows and buying records. Check it out below:

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