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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

European Tour Wrap-Up (6/27-7/4/15)

This was a short leg of touring at only 7 shows but they were epic ones! Fans who witnessed these gigs saw the band playing at their peak level in front of some of their biggest crowds to date. Most of the gigs were festival shows and the setlists were fairly standard hour long performances but they were well delivered, and blew many people's minds. After listening to some of the old festival shows Ryan would occasionally play over the years like ACL Fest back in the early 2000's, it's incredible to hear the transformation over the years. Ryan and the band were definitely playing to the crowd at these shows. The setlists were chock full of hits but still offered plenty of surprises compared to the album versions of songs - as they were well rehearsed, jammier, full of new peaks and valleys, more sonic textures, and just all around excellent.

Other than the festival shows, there was one notable club show that will likely have superfans talking about for years to come. On July 1st in Hamburg, Germany: the band finally debuted one of the best songs off of the new album - "Feels Like Fire"! Not only that, but they also played the two latest 7" singles in the Pax-Am catalogue - "Blue Light" and "Burn in the Night".


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