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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Heartbreaker Deluxe Edition Coming Soon!!

There is some very exciting news today folks!! A track listing and release date for the deluxe reissue of Heartbreaker have finally started showing up online. Last April, Pax-Am released a 7" single featuring an alternate take of "Come Pick Me Up" backed with an early version of "Don't Fail Me Now" called "When the Rope Gets Tight". The single was meant to be a precursor for this deluxe version that was slated to come out late last year. It never came out and I was a little worried, but not anymore. This appears to be more than worth the wait!

As of right now there are 2 different sets available: a 4 LP/DVD package and a 2 CD package, but other options may also be available. According to Bull Moose, the release date is slated for April 1st while the international release date is towards the middle of April.

Below is the track listing

Disc 1 - The Original Album

Disc 2 - The Remastered Version of the Album

Disc 3 - Outtakes from the Heartbreaker Sessions: 
1. Hairdresser on Fire # (assuming this is a Morrissey cover)
2. To Be Young #
3. Petal in a Rainstorm #
4. War Horse #
5. Oh My Sweet Carolina #
6. Come Pick Me Up (Version from the 2015 Single)
7. Punk Jam #
8. When the Rope Gets Tight #
9. When the Rope Gets Tight (Version from the 2015 Single)
10. Goodbye Honey (Previously released - I'm assuming this is the same version on the 2002 Bloodshot Records compilation: Makin' Singles and Drinkin' Doubles)
11. In My Time of Need (Previously released - I'm assuming this is the version from The Rookie soundtrack in 2002)
# - unreleased

Disc 4 - Demos and Outtakes
1. Bartering Lines (demo)
2. Come Pick Me Up (demo)
3. To Be the One (demo)
4. Don't Ask for the Water (demo)
5. In My Time of Need (demo)
6. Goodbye Honey (demo)
7. Petal in a Rainstorm (demo)
8. War Horse (demo)
9. Locked Away (unreleased outtake from the sessions)

DVD - Live from the Mercury Lounge, New York 10/20/00
1. Oh My Sweet Carolina
2. Gimme Sunshine
3. To Be Young
4. Amy
5. Call Me on Your Way Back Home
6. Just Like a Whore
7. Wonderwall
8. Damn Sam
9, Sweet Lil' Gal
10, Come Pick Me Up
11. My Winding Wheel


  1. April 1st. Really?

  2. My copy just arrived today, can't wait to check out the bonus tracks!