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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Road to Release Day: A Timeline of Events (November 14' - February 17')


11/26/14 - After 2 back to back shows with the Shining at the Hammerstein Ballroom, Ryan mentions via twitter that he'd be recording some new tunes with the band while in New York City later that night.


1/19/15 - Ryan posts on twitter that he's in the process of writing and recording both a new solo album and as well as a 2nd album with The Shining.

3/3/15 - In an interview for the Spanish website Binaural. Mike Viola mentions that some of the songs that he and Ryan recorded for the unreleased Alien USA sessions would likely be used for the next album.

3/23/15 - Ryan posts pictures online of recording sessions at Electric Lady Studios with Paul Shaffer (David Letterman show) and Johnny T Yerington (Ryan's old bandmate from the Rock 'n Roll/Love is Hell days).

5/23/15 - A fan mentions online that they randomly met the wife of Charlie Stavish at a bar the night before. She mentioned that Ryan Adams and the Shining were almost done recording their next album.

5/26/15 - During a Radio Interview with Jon Williams for The Zone on 91.3, Ryan tells him: "I have another record done as of this week. Its not mastered but it's done. You're the first person I've told."

6/29/15 - During an interview for Soundz Magazine, Ryan is asked if he has plans for a new album:

"Yes. I would like to end of next year will have a new album with the same people in my PAX AM studio. I think it's a combination of acoustic and electric songs will be. I currently have enough songs for a new album, but I keep on writing so that I will soon have a choice. I think I once again call the album Ryan Adams."

Mid-September 2015 - Ryan posts more pictures on twitter from sessions at Electric Lady Studios with Johnny T Yerington.

9/15/15 - Ryan Adams is interviewed for Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio Show on Apple Music. Regarding the next album Ryan mentions: "Charlie and I would fly back to New York on our 2 weeks off (from touring)....... it's probably the most fragile thing I've ever done, and i think it will replace Love is Hell for a deep fan..... It's connected to that in every way but with the songwriting knowledge that I have now."

9/21/15 - An article for Entertainment Weekly mentions that Ryan recorded 23 songs for his next album at Electric Lady Studios. It goes on to mention that the new record has the sonic vibe of being a throwback to Heartbreaker and Love is Hell but also draws inspiration from The Smiths and Bruce Springsteen. “It’s really wildly attached to the Love Is Hell sound but more of the focus lyrically of Heartbreaker...... But there is this clean, unadorned element that felt like the last record I made, but taking it and pushing it further, more simpler, and more into that realm...... I wanted to find this combo of Darkness on the Edge of Town and Meat Is Murder—the sonic geography of those records but with me in them and my ’80s crush, the blown synth, the weird inappropriate synths you’d hear on a [Bruce] Hornsby record. It totally spoke to me.............. It’s about me. It’s not about any situation or any person. It totally is just a guy, in this crazy time in my life, where I’m not some teenager, not some twenty-something, running around being crazy. It’s really looking around my world and how changed stuff is. I feel like I was able to stop time for a second and take that one still from a Super 8 view of my life…That felt strangely more powerful and sadder than anything I could write.............What’s weird is it’s virtually the same sound we got on 1989, But [the next album] is just me doing it.”

9/28/15 - From a radio interview on Birmingham Mountain Radio 107.3, he says "My next record is a part 1 and a part 2 record. I don't wanna say its a double record, because I'm not sure I wanna release it as a double record.... It's already been recorded... if you listen to the sonic geography of what we did on 1989, but you also like the direct writing of my last album, and you like the album Love is Hell - you're really gonna like the new record..."

9/30/15 - During a radio interview on The Current, Minnesota Radio 89.3, Ryan briefly mentions that he had already finished recording his new album in between breaks of touring with the Shining. After being asked what his new record sounds like: "Since i did all of the electric guitars myself, theres a feeling of the album - 'Love is Hell', 80's/90s alternative sound but theres also that reductionism...some songs are just me and acoustic guitar.. This is my most power pop record ever, Big Star, The Replacements... the most that my stuff has ever sounded like that, and a lot of it was due to being on the road for a year and i knew what songs were speaking to me live and what songs felt good to let go of... You're gonna love it, its sad as hell.. if my other stuff is sad, this one is just miserable... its like a musical cold ramen soup

10/2/15 - From an interview with Shadrach Kabango for CBC Radio, Canada : "The new record was made at 2 different stops on my tour where there were 2 weeks off....... It was 6 years ago when I lived in New York, and i wanted to go back to where i lived before i moved to LA... I wanted to view my life from there to where I am now... I wanted to cut a record where just my friend Johnny T plays drums, and I sit and play guitar...... and then I finish them myself. because that's a really raw and awesome way to record. I knew it would leave the record really vulnerable and exposed, and that's kind of how Love is Hell was recorded..... My first record Heartbreaker was essentially Ethan Johns on drums and me cutting a vocal and a guitar and then being very spare about how I finished it. So this new record started that way at 2 different sessions that were 2 weeks long..... I ended up with 25 songs. There was no denying that they were the next step in the story of my musical life and i love it..."

10/11/15 through 10/19/15 - Ryan posts more pictures from sessions at Electric Lady Studios with Johnny T. On 10/18, he mentions that he wrote 5 new songs that day. One of the pictures shows lyric sheets for songs titled "Stay", "I'll Wait" and "You Don't Love Me".

Mid-November 2015 - Recording sessions at Pax-Am Studios

End of November-Early December of 2015 - Recording at Electric Lady Studios


1/1/16 through 1/6/16 - Ryan posts more pics from sessions at Electric Lady Studios including pics of Paul Shaffer, Charlie Stavish, and Johnny T

2/18/16 - Ryan posts on twitter that he has wrapped up sessions for the next album - recording 65 songs in total!

Early July 2016 - Ryan posts some pictures from Pax-Am Studio band rehearsals with the Shining. One of the pics shows a long list of brand new songs the band had been rehearsing. These included the following titles:

We Disappear
To Be Without You
Take it Back
So Helpless
Outbound Train
Haunted House
Do You Still Love Me
Broken Anyway
Baby I Love You

7/8/16 - Ryan Adams and the Shining debut a new song called "Outbound Train" at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

7/24/16 - During a gig at The Capital Theatre in Port Chester, NY - Ryan debuts 3 new songs during a solo portion of the gig. The songs played are: "To Be Without You", "Haunted House", and "Tightrope".

7/26/16 - Two nights later at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington DC - Ryan debuts another new song on acoustic guitar called "Was I Wrong"

8/1/16 - During a radio interview for KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, Ryan says of the new album: "I don't think I've ever worked on anything harder than i have on this. I'm still working on it... in fact when I leave here i go straight over to work on it more. I think its probably the most songs I've ever written for a record and its the most emotional... All the different emotions a person can have i think went into making it, and its been really amazing... whatever this process was was so cathartic, and cathartic in a way where i actually made songs that I listened back to and would go 'that is really messed up' or listen to something and go 'theres actual hope in there, what does that mean?'. I really let the process become part of me this time...... I feel like whatever I'm making bookends so much of what Ive gone through and experienced in the last couple of years, and trying to find a way to serve myself and serve people and serve the record in a way where its not some sort of cautionary tale or some kind of thing made of darkness. I found a way to become optimistic and to find ways of writing that can be helpful to myself. That's been a huge challenge...."

8/9/16 through 8/11/16 - Ryan posts pictures from sessions at Capital Studios. Producer Don Was is shown in one of the them. He also posts: "What a glorious place to cross the finish line".

8/17/16 - Ryan Adams and the Shining debut a new song called "Do You Still Love Me" at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

8/31/16 - Ryan mentions on twitter that the 4 records that he 'studied' in the making of this new album were: Bruce Springsteen's "Tunnel of Love", AC/DC's "Fly on the Wall", Bruce Hornsby's "Scenes from the Southside", and Don Henley's "Building the Perfect Beast". Ryan also responds to a fan question mentioning that the new album ranges from "Heartbreaker spare to Love is Hell lush".

8/31/16 - A new article in Entertainment Weekly mentions that Ryan wrote 80 songs for the new album. After recording all the tracks, he took them to Don Was who helped to narrow it down to an 11 song album. The article also mentions a November 4th release date. Ryan also says that Electric Light Orchestra and Bachman-Turner Overdrive influenced the guitar sounds for the new album.

“I’m taking all the cool, big questions I’m asking on this record, then flipping it over, and then flipping it back to Side-A and you still have more questions…I’m a relatively convoluted soul creatively...... I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I think the challenge for me—the Everest peak, for me—is to tell this story in 11 songs, to tell this part of my life in 11 songs. How do I make a real distinct record where anybody listens to it and says, ‘That’s the truth from beginning to end.’ So it’s like exercise. It sucks in the beginning. But then you get into it.”

9/6/16 through 9/10/16 - Ryan posts on twitter that he is finishing the final mixes at Capital Studios.

9/8/16 - Rolling Stone Magazine posts their Fall Music Preview which includes mention of a new Ryan Adams album called Prisoner due in November. Below is a brief blurb:

"Most people don't say, 'Hey, we're having a fucking party – let's put on a Ryan Adams album!'" admits the singer. Adams wanted to change that. Drawing from his Eighties heroes – from AC/DC to Jefferson Starship – he recorded more than 60 songs, playing every instrument except drums. Many of the lyrics address a broken relationship – possibly his recent divorce from Mandy Moore. "It's about the big questions of somebody my age who's been through the things I've been through," he says. "But I didn't feel I needed to make something that was dark and heavy."

9/23/16 - Ryan plays an unannounced show at Largo in Los Angeles. During his brief solo set, he performs 3 brand new songs. (not sure which ones though)

11/17/16 - Ryan and his new band performed a private show at the Capital Records building for employees and press. According to reports, the entire album was played from start to finish.

12/6/16 - Ryan releases the first radio single from Prisoner ("Do You Still Love Me") and officially announces the release date for the album will be on February 17th, 2017

12/19-12/20/16 - Ryan re-recorded the songs on Prisoner in a do-it-yourself recording booth at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. All the recordings were directly pressed to vinyl and only one copy of each exists. These records will be placed in the Prisoner mystery box sets sold through his online store.

12/22/16 - Ryan releases the 2nd radio single from Prisoner titled "To Be Without You".


1/19/17 - Zane Lowe premiers the 3rd radio single from Prisoner titled "Doomsday". He also interviews Ryan about the new album. Ryan mentions that "Do You Still Love Me" is the only song on the new record that features The Shining. "Shiver and Shake" was the first song recorded at Electric Lady Studios.

1/23/17 - In an article found on the CBC Radio blog, Ryan mentions that "Doomsday" was written 2 years before it was finally recorded at Electric Lady Studios. He tried to record it 4 different times including trying it out as a punk rock song.

1/24/17 - Ryan unveils the Prisoner "End of World Edition" Box Set containing 12 7" records (one of every song on the new album) plus an additional 17 unreleased b-sides. He also posts on instagram that he is recording some cover songs for the new album promo. One of them is "Streets of Philadelphia" (Springsteen).

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