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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Just in Case You Missed Anything Vol. 25....

Plenty of news and interviews are coming in everyday as Ryan continues to do tons of promo for his latest album. Prisoner came out a week ago and has been getting plenty of positive reviews from critics and fans alike. Although I wouldn't quite call it a classic yet it has been growing on me the same way that Love is Hell did. A few random thoughts after 15 or so listens.....

  1. I freakin' LOVE the guitars on this album! I think he's improved a lot as a guitarist since his self titled album. Very Johnny Marr-ish and probably my favorite of any of his records. 
  2. I'm hearing tons of Springsteen influence in the way he phrases certain lyrics (but not too obvious, just small hints here and there - I love it!). 
  3. This might have my favorite closing 4 songs of any Ryan album ("Outbound Train", "Broken Anyway", "Tightrope", "We Disappear" are all favorites for me). 
  4. Listening to his albums in chronological order from Ashes and Fire up to Prisoner helped me appreciate this album a lot more. There's definitely a nice progression and makes me look forward to what he'll do next.
  5. There's something very basic about the structure of these songs. Not really a negative since the lyrics and production more than make up for it but at times I kinda miss those random weird tracks on his albums like "The Sadness" (29), "Halloweenhead" (Easy Tiger), "Political Scientist" (Love is Hell) etc....
  6. I need to sit down and listen to this album with a good pair of headphones.

On to the news and other randomness....

Prisoner Updates:

- There are no bonus tracks on the Japanese import version of Prisoner but there is a really cool poster included with the liner notes.

- A handful of record stores across the country including Amoeba, Waterloo Records, and Bullmoose are doing drawings for a custom Prisoner Fender Stratocaster. For most of these you have to go into the stores but you can enter the contest online for Amoeba Records HERE.

Notable Interviews and Performances

Loud and Quiet Presents Midnight Chats (2/2) - In this interview Ryan talks about his cats, his early demos, Prisoner, Orion, 1989, his early band - Kotton, and the story behind starting his own record label.

The Renaissance of Ryan Adams by Chris Familton (2/10) - Good article about the making of Prisoner. Ryan also talks about his new band and the breakup of the Shining.

WTF Podcast with Marc Maron (2/13) - Really enjoyable interview. Ryan talks about hanging out with the Rolling Stones, the early days of Whiskeytown, Easy Tiger, Heartbreaker, Suicide Handbook, Gold, and his love of the Grateful Dead and Gram Parsons.

All Songs Considered with Bob Boilen (2/14) - Special Valentines Day show on NPR. Ryan and Bob play and give their thoughts about various songs with the theme of "Love and Lonesome Roads". Ryan chooses songs by The Smiths, Sonic Youth, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Dylan.

Peering Into the Abyss with Ryan Adams by Eve Barlow (2/15) - Nice article about the making of the new album, as well as 1989, and the recent Liz Phair sessions.

Inside the World of Ryan Adams, Interview with Mark Bannerman, ABC News (Australia)(2/16)

M.C. Taylor (Hiss Golden Messenger) on Time, Death, and Ryan Adams' Newest Record (2/17) - M.C. Taylor is a gifted songwriter in his own rite. In this article he gives his thoughts and perspective on the new album.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, NBC (2/17) - Live television performances of "Do You Still Love Me?" and "To Be Without You".

Midnight Wave, Beats 1 Radio (2/19) - Available through Apple Music. Ryan along with Tod Wisenbaker, Marshall Vore, and Charlie Stavish host this very entertaining hour of music and random stoner comedy bits. This was the first episode and featured such segments as "Who Said It? Morrissey or Trump?", "Pet News", "Viral Words", and "What the fuck are UFO's?." They also play tracks by the Bay City Rollers, Black Flag, Emperor, Styx, Kiss, The Cure, and Alice in Chains. I can't wait to hear more episodes! 

WFUV Interview with Alisa Ali (2/20) - Originally recorded in December, Ryan talks about the new album, his love of AC/DC and power ballads, and plays a few songs ("Do You Still Love Me?", "Haunted House", and "Tightrope").

KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic (2/21) - Features an interview about the new album and box set as well as excellent solo performances of "Do You Still Love Me?", "Prisoner", "Doomsday", "Breakdown", "Haunted House", "Outbound Train", and "To Be Without You". The link features video and audio.

Jonesy's Jukebox, 95.5 KLOS, Los Angeles, CA (2/21)

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