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Friday, June 2, 2017

New Zealand/Australia Tour Notes and Setlists (5/20-5/27/17)

5/20 - Civic Theatre, Auckland, NZ
24 Songs. Ryan and the band covered "Black Hole Sun" in tribute to the recent passing of Chris Cornell. "My Winding Wheel" was performed solo acoustic.
Do You Still Love Me/To Be Young/Gimme Something Good/Two/Dirty Rain/Outbound Train/Prisoner/Invisible Riverside/Sweet Illusions/Wonderwall (Oasis)/Doomsday/When the Stars Go Blue/Magnolia Mountain/Fix It/My Winding Wheel/Let it Ride-->Juli/To Be Without You/Kim/New York New York/Anything I Say to You Now/Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)/Cold Roses/Shakedown on 9th Street

5/22 - Wooly Mammoth, Brisbane, Australia
25 Songs plus an improv tune called "The Ballad of Mahoney". Secret gig announced on the day of the show. Tickets were $5 and all proceeds went to a local non-profit cat rescue center. "Mockingbird" was played for the first time this year. "We Disappear" also made a rare appearance.
Magnolia Mountain/Dirty Rain/Fix It/Mockingbird/Cold Roses/Invisible Riverside/Sweet Illusions -->Dear John/Gimme Something Good/Two/Shakedown on 9th Street/Peaceful Valley/Stay With Me/When the Stars Go Blue/To Be Without You/Prisoner/Doomsday/Haunted House/Outbound Train/Wonderwall (Oasis)/New York New York/Kim/Everybody Knows/Trouble/We Disappear

5/23 - The Tivoli, Brisbane, Australia
26 Songs plus an improv tune ("Brisbane Gothic Girl").
Do You Still Love Me/To Be Young/Gimme Something Good/Two/Dirty Rain/Outbound Train/Prisoner/Stay With Me/Invisible Riverside/Sweet Illusions/Dear John/When the Stars Go Blue/Magnolia Mountain/New York New York/Everybody Knows/Wonderwall (Oasis)/Cold Roses/Fix It/My Winding Wheel/Peaceful Valley/Kim/Anything I Say to You Now/To Be Without You/Mockingbird/Do I Wait/Shakedown on 9th Street

5/24 - The Northern Hotel, Byron Bay, Australia
21 Songs. Ryan and company busted out a bunch of rarities tonight - "Hard Way to Fall" (first since 2006), "Friends" (4th time ever, first since 2015), "Desire" (first since 2014), and "The End" and "A Kiss Before I Go" (first time this year). The show took place in a small pub.
Magnolia Mountain/To Be Young/Invisible Riverside/Dear John/Fix It/Prisoner/Everybody Knows/Hard Way to Fall/Mockingbird/The End/A Kiss Before I Go/New York New York/Friends/To Be Without You/Gimme Something Good/Two/Stay With Me/Let it Ride/Desire/Cold Roses/Dirty Rain

5/26 - Margaret Court Theater, Melbourne, Australia
24 Songs.
Do You Still Love Me/To Be Young/Gimme Something Good/Two/Dirty Rain/Outbound Train/Stay With Me/Prisoner/Magnolia Mountain/Fix It/Wonderwall (Oasis)/Doomsday/When the Stars Go Blue/My Winding Wheel/Invisible Riverside/Let it Ride/Cold Roses/Kim/To Be Without You/Everybody Knows/Mockingbird/Peaceful Valley/New York New York/Shakedown on 9th Street

5/27 - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia
20 Songs. "Tightrope" made a rare appearance.
Do You Still Love Me/To Be Young/Gimme Something Good/Stay With Me/Two/Doomsday/When the Stars Go Blue/Prisoner/Anything I Say to You Now/Tightrope/New York New York/Outbound Train/Everybody Knows/Wonderwall (Oasis)/Come Pick Me Up/Magnolia Mountain/Dirty Rain/Mockingbird/Cold Roses/Shakedown on 9th Street

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