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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just in Case You Missed Anything..... vol. 8

- One of my favorite days of the year - Record Store Day is fast approaching this coming Saturday, April 20th. So make sure to get out and support your local record store! As I posted earlier, Ryan Adams' new punk trio - Pornography is releasing a 7" EP called 7 Minutes in Heaven, which will be available in limited quantities of 1500 in the US and 300 in the UK. For more information check out my earlier post and the official Record Store Day website.

- Ryan Adams made another live appearance recently, performing at a benefit for Autism Speaks. The show took place at Club Nokia and also featured performances from Crosby Stills and Nash, Lucinda Williams, Chris Stills, Jack Black, Rickie Lee Jones and more. Although fans were hoping for some more new music, he played a very brief 2 song solo acoustic set which included "Ashes and Fire" and "Please Do Not Let Me Go".

- This could mean nothing more than a couple buddies hanging out, but recently Emily Robinson (The Dixie Chicks, Courtyard Hounds) posted a picture of her, Martie Maguire (also of The Dixie Chicks and Courtyard Hounds), and Ryan in the studio together. Last month, Martie had mentioned that she was writing songs with Ryan.

- And finally, how about a tune from The Pinkhearts II album?...... This was such an incredible period of music making for Ryan - Gold, Suicide Handbook, 48 Hours, The Sweden Sessions, and 2 albums with the Pinkhearts - all basically recorded in the span of 1 year! 

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