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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oblivion/People Need Sunlight

(Pax-Am Records 005)
Released 10/30/09

1. Oblivion
Written by Ryan Adams, and features Johnny T Yerington on drums

Recorded at Mercy Sound, and Mixed at Electric Lady Studios in 2007.

Produced by Jamie Candiloro.

2. People Need Sunlight
Written by Ryan Adams
Recorded at Ryan's home studio, and Mixed at Sunset Sound in 2008 by Jamie Candiloro.

The Background/Random Info

The fifth release on Pax-Am Records came out on limited edition pink colored vinyl. This 7" was originally sold at one of Ryan's art shows, at the Morrison Hotel in New York City, in October of 2009. Then it was briefly sold through his website but sold out very quickly. Ryan posted the following, about the songs:

"They are PAXAM 005 "OBLIVION" b/w "People Need Sunlight" the first of which was made right before Easy Tiger came out right before I quit getting wasted. Those were wild and crazy times indeed and I have always loved this track. You can almost taste the pollution in my mouth. Oblivion has my NYC timekeepin goodtime lovin amazing bro Johnny T on drums and was produced by my bandmate and friend Jamie Candiloro. 

The other was recorded at HomeStudios in our basement (people in CA don't have basements) out here in the golden land of westworld. The basics were made on my old computer before it washes away in the great Soda Flood of 09. Jamie C then took them to Sunset Sound out here and rounded out the edges and we put new exhaust pipes on it. Sunset is an amazing place where many a musician has passed out AND played a solo at the same time while hurling. All in a days not work. "

"Oblivion" was originally released on the album - Fasterpiece in 2006, and was posted as a free download under Ryan's moniker - Sad Dracula. This seems to be the same version, except just remixed and polished up a bit. The song is a snarling, snotty burst of punk energy, straight out of the gutter, and brings to mind Ryan during his 2003 Rock n' Roll phase. The b-side ("People Need Sunlight"), is a punchy acoustic track with Ryan's vocals teetering on crooner-like. Unfortunately neither of the songs are very ground-breaking, but still better than a lot of the songs he's released.

Not Essential, But Not bad.

Key Track: None

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