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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Download - Ryan Adams - Slim's, San Francisco, CA - 2/16/00

1. Don't Fail Me Now (w/ Kim Richey and Chuck Prophet)
2. Oh My Sweet Carolina (w/ Kim Richey and Chuck Prophet)
3. To Be the One
4. To Be Young
5. Memories of You (w/ Kim Richey)
6. Dancing with the Women at the Bar (w/ Kim Richey)
7. Hey There Mrs. Lovely
8. Born Yesterday
9. Funny How I'm Losing You
10. Bus Back to Memphis*
11. 16 Days (w/ Chuck Prophet)

* - first ever live performance.

AUD Recording (A-  - great recording except for some crowd chatter and low volume)

Notes: The final night of Ryan's "singer-songwriter tour of the Northwest" with Kim Richey and Chuck Prophet. Not as much goofy humor as the nights before, but an excellent performance nonetheless. The show features one of the only known live recordings of the song - "Bus Back to Memphis"; as well as only the 2nd live performance of "To Be Young"; and an interesting mellowed-out rendition of "16 Days" (with Chuck Prophet playing some tasty guitar fills).


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