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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just in Case You Missed Anything....... vol. 10

- Beloved cartoonist and children's book author - Sandra Boynton recently released her first country album called Frog Trouble. The record accompanies a book of the same title and features songs co-written by Susan, and sung by a myriad of artists; including: Ryan Adams, Mark Lanegan, Dwight Yoakam, Fountains of Wayne, and more! Below is video of Ryan singing one of the highlights of the record - "When Pigs Fly". And you can download a sampler of Frog Trouble HERE.

- Recently, I was reading over an interview with Ethan Johns, found in the June issue of Sound on Sound magazine. Somehow I didn't catch it the first time, but in it, Ethan mentioned that he recently remixed Ryan's 2nd solo album - Gold in 5.1 surround sound! There also some pretty cool info about the sessions he did with Ryan (especially for you recording geeks like me). Read the entire article HERE

- On July 26th, Ryan posted on twitter that he was going to Capital Records to listen to some new tunes with Don Was, Mike Viola, and Gary Shandling. Who knows if these are playbacks for a new Ryan Adams album or not, but it's pretty exciting nonetheless?! A couple weeks after that on August 9th, Ryan posted that he was "recording some mystery jams" with Don Was at Ocean Way Studios. (I just have to note that the pairing of Ryan with Don Was is pretty freakin' fantastic to me. Don has worked on some of my favorite albums by Paul Westerberg, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Todd Snider, and The Black Crowes; as well as many others; so I'm very excited to see what comes of this.)

- Other than that, Ryan continues to put in long hours at Pax-Am Studios, where he has been busy working with a bunch of artists.
  1. In mid-July, Ryan produced two nights of sessions with emo-punks - Fall Out Boy. Although I cringe when I hear the name, I'm intrigued to check out what they recorded. According to several interviews with lead singer - Pete Wentz, they recorded nine songs in total in the vein of early 80's hardcore punk bands like Black Flag, The Descendents, and The Misfits. (Read an interview HERE).
  2. In early August, Ryan worked on a new solo album for ex-Rilo Kiley frontwoman - Jenny Lewis. Her ace studio band included drummer - Griffin Goldsmith (Dawes), bassist - Gus Seyffert (Black Keys), Ryan Adams on electric guitar, and Mike Viola (?? not sure what his role was, but maybe production?).
  3. In August, Ryan worked as a producer on the 2nd solo album from Ethan Johns. These sessions also included playing from Benmont Tench; and is said to be a concept album about two brothers that move to America. (from Rolling Stone)
- And finally I'll leave you with this beauty. Yesterday I caught an earth shattering set by Dinosaur Jr., and made me think of this video. Below is the bassist for the band (and an excellent solo artist) - Lou Barlow covering "Two". Enjoy


  1. The link for the article discussing the remix of Gold doesn't work!

  2. crap! i guess it was taken down..... there's a preview of the article at http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jun13/articles/ethan-johns.htm but it looks like you have to pay for it?!?!