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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Pax Am Days"

Yesterday, Fall Out Boy released a video for their new song - "Love, Sex, Death". This quick burst of punk fury was recorded last July with Ryan Adams working as the producer; and offers up the first taste of Fall Out Boy's upcoming EP - Pax Am Days. Although I wouldn't call myself a fan of the group, I like them much better after hearing this new song, as it seems to harken back to classic 80's hardcore punk bands like The Misfits and Black Flag. One other thing to note, this EP will mark the first release under the Pax-Am Label that doesn't feature Ryan as a performer.

Anyways, check out the song below! This 8 song release will be available on iTunes on October 15th, as well as a limited edition vinyl EP for Record Store Day on November 29th.

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