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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Just in Case You Missed Anything Vol. 13

Just wanted to post a few important updates in the world of Ryan Adams.

- First off, yesterday it was announced that Jenny Lewis (ex-Rilo Kiley front-woman) has a new album coming out on July 29th via Warner Bros. The Voyager will be her first solo record in six years, and first of all new material since Jenny and Johnny's I'm Having Fun Now (one of my favorite albums of 2010).  All but three of the songs on The Voyager were recorded at Pax-Am Studios, and produced by the team of Ryan Adams and Mike Viola. Her band during the Pax-Am sessions was an all star cast that included Ryan Adams on guitar, Griffin Goldsmith (Dawes) on drums, and Gus Seyffert (The Black Keys) on bass! Not to mention, Beck also produced a track or two!

"Ryan ended up being the person to get me over the fear of finishing something I'd been working on for so long" - Jenny Lewis

- During the annual Music Biz Conference in Los Angeles earlier this month, Ryan Adams played a private dinner show on May 8th for record store owners at The Pail House in West Hollywood.  Although I'm still trying to find out more details, one record store owner posted on twitter that he played new material as well as a killer cover of Dio's "Holy Diver". It's unclear whether it was a solo show or if he had a band, but whoever posted the pic below said the guys to the right of Ryan and Robbie Krieger were his back-up players (Mike Viola is one, but not sure who the guy on the far right is?)
If anyone has anymore info on this performance, please let me know.

- Speaking of Dio, someone involved with the crew that puts on Record Store Day each year, said to keep an eye out for new releases from Ryan Adams and Dio in the coming months. Possibly a split 7" of "Holy Diver"?? We'll see.....


  1. Charlie Stavish.....

    check his credits!


  2. hey just saw your comment, thanks for shedding some light on this guy! very exciting stuff