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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Some Quick Thoughts on the New Single...

some random thoughts on the new single

- i LOVE the overall 'sound', feel/vibe/production of these new songs a LOT!

- although it took me about 10 spins before i appreciated the actual song/songwriting itself.

- BENMONT tench = the secret weapon in this group, and is hugely responsible for these tracks sounding the way they do. Everybody has been saying 'gimme something good' sounds like tom petty and the heartbreakers - its benmont.

- johnny depp's guitar solo on "aching for more" is ok, but ryan could have played a better one.

- still, this might be the most talented band he's worked with yet! everything sounds more together, BUT also not as loose and open to improvisation, and jamming in the way that cold roses was

- i really think mike viola's POWER POP prowess rubbed off on ryan; and he's beginning to reach a peak where the chorus is more immediate, and comes faster than you'd expect from him. there's not a bit of fluff or a rough edge in sight on theses songs. (these songs got some mighty NIIIICE HOOKS!)

- the last time i got chills from the leadoff single on a ryan adams album was 'let it ride' in 2005...... 'two' never really did it for me until i saw him play it live...... 'fix it' was eh ok......  'lucky now' - i liked but when compared to the rest of the album was somehow one of my least favorites..... 'gimme something good' didn't hit me like 'let it ride' but was better than the last few in my opinion, it gives me HIGH HOPES for this new album.

- the b-side is incredible and i cant believe it was left off the album (i go back and forth between choosing a favorite)

- i can't imagine these songs sounding that great played solo. (although i've been wrong before.... example: 'the neutron dance' and the piano rendition of 'new york new york')

some random thoughts on the upcoming album

- if i didn't know who ryan adams was, i would have thought he was a member of the NIGHT'S WATCH in game of thrones (based on the album cover).

- from the decision to making it a self titled album, to the sound of the first single, this feels like a whole new phase of ryan adams' career (that may have started with ashes and fire). version 5.0

- i like self titled albums....... it's a great way to re-introduce yourself to your audience. (Wilco did it with their happy-go-lucky 2009 album; metallica did it with the black album.. weezer does it every few years, pearl jam made one of my more favorite albums of theirs in 2006)


  1. now if only we could get a decent rip of the b-side, for those of us without a turntable.

    love your site - couldn't agree more about the new tunes.
    can't wait for the next single in the series/ the record!