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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

US/Canada Tour Wrap-Up (5/22-6/6/15)

Following a similar trend to the previous leg of touring, Ryan Adams and the Shining played 11 shows that mixed large festival dates, alongside some rarely played touring markets in the west and northwestern United States and Canada. Overall the setlists were pretty similar, with not as many surprises as past tours. However it was awesome to see "To Be Young", "Shakedown on 9th Street", and "Nobody Girl" became mainstays of the gigs each night. "Easy Plateau" was also brought back into the setlists a few times, and occasionally stretched out to 15 minute long jammy versions. Also the band continued to occasionally play "Love is Hell", "Starting to Hurt", and "The End"!

A few shows into the tour, Ryan broke one of his ribs but managed to not cancel a single date. Instead he soldiered on and used the opportunity to play some stripped down solo acoustic sets in Victoria and Vancouver. These two shows features some rarely played tunes including "Carolina Rain" (first since 2011), "Damn Sam", "Houses on the Hill" and "Amy".

Some other notable gigs from this leg included:

- In Bend, OR (5/23), Jenny Lewis came out and sang on "Oh My Sweet Carolina".

- At the Sasquatch Music Festival on May 25th - "Starting to Hurt" made another super rare appearance in the setlist. Natalie Prass also came out and sang on "Oh My Sweet Carolina".

- In Victoria, BC on May 26th, Ryan played the show solo acoustic after breaking one of his ribs. Some of the rarities he played included "Carolina Rain" (first since 2011), "Damn Sam", "Firecracker", "Amy", "Houses on the Hill", and "Run to You" (Bryan Adams). During the encore, Ryan was then joined by Mike Viola and Daniel Clarke.

- On the following night in Vancouver, BC; Ryan's rib was still healing, so he played half of the show with the band and the other half solo. Rarities from the solo portion included "Why Do They Leave", "Kim", "Damn Sam" and "To Be Young".

- In Billings, MT on May 31st - 'Am i Safe" made a return to the setlist for first time in 2015.

- The Red Rocks show seemed pretty epic and intense as there were tornado warnings, and heavy lightning in the area, which eventually caused the show to end early. Still, Natalie Prass came out and sang on "Oh My Sweet Carolina" and "She's Like the Wind" (off the Dirty Dancing soundtrack).



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