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Saturday, May 20, 2017

US/Canada Tour Wrap-Up (4/29-5/14/17)

Ryan Adams and the Unknown Band moved on to the 2nd leg of the Prisoner tour late last month hitting up 8 major cities across the east coast of Canada and the US. Prior to hitting the road there were 2 major lineup changes in the band. Tod Wisenbaker (La Sera/1989) stepped in and took over for Benny Yurco on lead guitar while Aaron Ficca (Macy Gray) stepped in for Nate Lotz on drums. Both members were bombarded with tons of new songs to learn in rehearsals. Ryan posted a huge list of songs on twitter they were trying out for the tour: including such rarities as "When Will You Come Back Home", "Afraid Not Scared", "Political Scientist", "World War 24", "Now that You're Gone", "Cherry Lane", "Blossom", "Friends", "Carolina Rain", "Tears of Gold", "Let Go", "Gracie", "Lonely and Blue", "Happy Birthday", "Kisses Start Wars", "The Crystal Skull", and "P.S." just to name a few!

Over the course of 9 performances, the band played 39 different songs! They stuck to playing a set of nightly warhorses like "Magnolia Mountain", "Do You Still Love Me", "To Be Young", "New York New York", "Shakedown on 9th Street", and a very cool Prisoner-esque version of "When Stars Go Blue." But they also threw in a lot of surprises including: four of the new b-sides ("Juli", "Are You Home", "Where Will You Run", and "Stop You"), "Dear John" which hadn't been played in several years, and a couple others that haven't been played in at least a year ("Blue Light", "La Cienega"). Typically Ryan would play at least one song each night unplugged and solo acoustic which included "NY NY", "English Girls Approximately", "My Winding Wheel", and "Come Pick Me Up." At a show in Columbia, MD - Jenny Lewis even came out and sang with Ryan on "Come Pick Me Up."

All in all, there's a lot to look forward to with the shows coming up. Already there have been plenty of surprises, new arrangements and jams. Ryan's still as funny as ever onstage and there have been lots of positive reviews coming from critics and fans!


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